Unforgettable internship in pm2am Student Trips

This summer 2017 I was doing my internship as a Social Media Marketing and Travel Coordinator in Germany. I worked at a tour operator pm2am Student Trips. This is a small company that has been operating since the year 2009. It doesn’t matter is you are 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year student or even a parent, this blog might be interesting and relevant. I would like to share with you my experience and give some tips how to get a position if you are interested in that.

How, actually, the story began? During the second semester of my studies, I was looking for a practical training for the upcoming summer. However, the rate of unemployment in Finland was quite high that time. Finnish companies and small enterprises demanded a Finnish language skills that were close to a native speaker. I didn’t fit to that requirements that was why almost nobody wanted to hire me here. Moreover, I set a goal for myself «I will live or, at least, survive the whole summer just on my own money. No asking money from parents anymore! ». The situation pushed me to start searching abroad. After a while, I came across the job offering in pm2am Student Trips.

I fall in love with the description of the work and promised to myself that I’ll do everything possible to get this job. Honestly, I skipped the whole day of classes trying to make my CV close to perfect and writing an inspiring motivation latter. Ones everything was ready, I send an application e-mail to the company. Over a couple of days, I received an invitation for a Skype meeting.
Everything was quite stressful for me, the endless waiting for a decision period was the worst. Finally, I was accepted for a four-month internship starting from 1st of June and ending on 30th of September. In the end of May I moved to Wuppertal (middle-size city near Dusseldorf, Cologne and Dortmund. The office of the company is located there. I liked the place from the first step into the office room. Basically, it was a big flat reconstructed for an office. Pm2am itself operates in two main fields which are Event Management and the Touristic branch.

There were tree bosses (the founders of the company at the same time), the rest of the people were interns, changing each other approx. every 4 months. The atmosphere in the office was very young and full of enthusiasm and come up all the time with a lot of fresh ideas. The structure of the company was very flat. Everyone including the bosses are working in a same room. It was so nice to communicate with each other during the day without any barriers. As the company contains not more than of fifteen people at the same time, everyone is responsible for almost everything. Starting from making the breakfast packages for tourist, ending with the customer service, social media marketing, product development and many others.

My responsibilities included not only the office work, but also the job as a team leader in the trips. If we forget for a moment that I was doing a business practical training, I would say that traveling was the most amazing part of the job. Just imagine that you «have to travel» because of work approx. 3 times per month all over the Europe and other parts of the world as well. During the one trip it was possible to see around 3-4 different cities or even countries. This summer I had a chance to visit: Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Basel, Montreux, Brussels, Brugge, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Plitvice National Park, Ljubljana, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and some others.

If you a looking for a perfect combination of the office work and wonderful time spending in summer (or any other season). If you are really into traveling and don’t afraid of working close with a lot of international people, this job is, definitely, for you. I highly recommend to apply in advance, because the competition every month is quite intensive. I hope that you liked my blog and it helped you to have one more idea about the internship. If you have any specific questions about the job, I am open to answer that. Just drop me an e-mail on the address k7674@student.jamk.fi

Have a nice day!