My Internship in JSC OMD Media Direction

Hi, my name is Evgenii and I want to tell about my internship. In summer 2017 I worked in that company for one month. I felt warm feelings during this internship and now I have pleasant memories, because employees and managers are great there. During my work, I had no problems with my colleagues or employer. But if we talk about my work experience. I did a lot of tasks, most of them were interesting, but some I found boring. Also I visited 3 meetings during my internship and all of them I find exciting and funny at the same time. Honestly, my internship was not boring, despite some tasks. I met a lot of really pleasant and kind people. Most of them are clever and successful. I am really happy that I was there and complete my internship in OMD Media Direction.
Unfortunately, I have no photos or videos from there and this is just one sad thing.