During summer of 2017, I was employed at a company called Fonecta. I worked as a customer service representative at their office in Pori, Western Finland. My job was to assist with customers calling to the call-centre with any question or problem they had. These customer contacts often ranged from the most typical questions of asking contact information of different people to doing room or table reservations for the customers from various hotels and restaurants. As the company is going through a change from a number service to a service number the amount of different kinds of services provided to customers in addition to the traditional contact information was growing constantly during my employment.

Majority of my customer contacts were done in Finnish however, there were also multiple contacts daily where I spoke either Swedish or English with the customers and being able to speak Finnish and Swedish was a pre-requisite for the job. Besides my Swedish speaking skills, I was able to get better in things like research of information and multi-tasking as I had to be able to look for the needed solution and information for the customer while at the same time maintaining the discussion and gaining additional information from the customer to figure out their true needs. This was a job that I definitely can recommend to anyone who has the skills needed to apply for it as it was constantly giving me new challenges and also there was never days that were boring since every customer contact is different.

As the service is available for customers 24 hours a day and every day of the year the work shifts ranged from early mornings to night shifts I was able to see how customer behaviour changes during different times of the day and also in a bigger scale, as there were definitely differences in behaviour in late April and for example late July. As an employer I can recommend Fonecta to anyone as the atmosphere and team spirit there is really good, everyone is always willing to help and you are able to get better in your job through different types of practice and sparring. I am currently spending the last weeks of my exchange in Slovenia and on my arrival back to Finland I am going to go back to work at Fonecta and I cannot recommend the job and the company enough.