Kids’ Festival

Natural pigments

The pigment that you see in the picture is made from vegetables or fruits. Those are natural pigments, so if children draw with those, the pigments won’t be harmful. So parents can rest assured that their child use those pigments. We also saw a lot of beautiful paintings from the children who joined the festival. It is really surprising that those vegetables and fruits can make such colorful paintings. It also can mean that kids know where those foods come from and how people can use those foods so that we won’t waste the foods!

Kids’ Creativity on Vegetables!

In the site of Kids’ Festival, you can see that there is a place which is filled with a variety of vegetables. These vegetables are here for the children to stimulate their imagination and creativity. It is also designed for children to get familiar with the vegetables they eat everyday. It is a good opportunity to let kids to use their hands to know more about the foods, and also provides the chance for entertainment and education. Kids here can do whatever they want and enjoy creating their masterpiece!


Horse and pony rides were arranged for the children. It cost4 € and the horse instructor told that the kids were loving it, and also the horse called Tuiske liked it very much, because it would get lots of treats and walks. The mini pony was only for children but the horse was suitable for adults too. At the festival area there was also other farm animals for example rabbits and sheep. It was really nice to see lot of children there having fun, learning about food and where it comes from.

Children selling food to go on a school trip

In front of the assembly hall there were two groups selling food. One of the groups was selling pancakes and the other one was selling soup, pastries and coffee. In the first group the sellers were adults and in the second one they were 3 children. After talking with the latter group we found out that the kids group was selling this stuff to raise money for their school trip. One girl told us that they are now in the eighth grade and they came here to get money for their school trip that is supposed to be Mat the ninth grade. They didn’t yet know where they are going to go for the trip. The girl also told us that they were also first timers at Fiskars Slow Food Festival. She said that when they have time they are going to look around the area.

Text and pictures: Meng-Hsin Hsieh, Miia Launonen, Che-Kuan Li, Emma Penttinen