muotipäivät - kuva by Emmi

Muotipäivät – working together to create positive experiences in a safe environment

At the beginning of the summer, we all asked ourselves how things would go on. The second year after the pandemic meant we had to think about walking distance, hand sanitizers, if face mask are necessary in outside areas or if reusable ones are really ok.  

However, for event organizer and business, this summer meant starting to reconnect with visitors and consumers. Whatever was needed, this summer won’t be giving up so easily. 

In this context, the Fashion Unit, defined as the “unique pioneer of style and fashion in the new age”, had the clear goal of holding the Moutipäivät event in Jyväskylä for the 16th time with the general theme of “Yhdessä” (together). 

The new challenge in this post-pandemic times is to show resilience, to create a sense of community rather than competition among the different business in the area, and to create a new sense of teamwork spirit, working together to overcome the difficult times. In fact, the values that Johanna Soilu, the CEO of Fashion Unit, were so strong, that raised interest among JAMK tourism and business’ members. Johanna believed that the event should happen no matter what, because cooperating together was important not only for the companies themselves, but also for the customers: “companies involved got sales, new customers, visibility, and the possibility to network with other companies, and the event customers gained a lot of information, store and event offerings”. At the same time, she emphasizes the importance for new companies that got the opportunity to present to customer and other businesses.

Miniatyyli and Sokos             

In the latest look in the field of service business, #MaRaSydän found the opportunity to contact and gain insight to one of the biggest department stores in Jyväskylä and the new kidswear online store Miniatyyli. Although very different, both businesses saw the opportunity of growth in the Muotipäivät event held during the 27th and 28th of August.  Such a prestigious event seemed attractive not only for businesses owners, but also to excited customers and customers-to-be, that wanted to hear from the fashion industry news and, perhaps, spend some money in new products as well. This excitement was shared because the pandemic affected many people’s purchasing behaviour, and therefore, also affected business. Muotipäivät was the perfect excuse to venture out of our homes and meet face to face with new and old business, and their offerings! 

We had the chance to meet Eeva-Maria Tellervo Bailey, founder of Miniatyyli, and Una Hirvilammi, director of Sokos Department Store in Jyväskylä.  

Eeva-Maria and Una have very different concerns, and their business may not be comparable, but both of them were eager to share their experiences during these times and participate in the Muotipäivät event, whether with incredible discounts or presenting their new kidswear brand in the runway set up in Kompassi.


At JAMK, we share the positive perspective that Johanna Soilu brings in the post pandemic era: Muotipäivät gathered people together and encouraged sales while helping companies, in a safer environment, where customers and business owners had their expectations fulfilled.  


Both interview videos are part of the #Marasydän campaign, which aims to highlight positive stories in the travel and service industry. Behind the difficult, corona-filled everyday life, the sun is already shining, which promises the service sector a successful future. However, the “new normal” is something that every actor needs to be able to challenge themselves and settle into new molds. Together, by learning from and sharing positive experiences, the travel and restaurant industry is the industry of the future.